We are proud to be a certified business with the GSA Biosphere, but what does that mean?

Our business is situated in the heart of the Biosphere in the village of St Johns Town of Dalry. It’s a small place and opportunities for work and business can sometimes be hard but not impossible.

One of the key goals in the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere is to build a sustainable economy and society. Business in the Biosphere is an essential part of this. The Biosphere provides an opportunity for businesses of all sectors to “do things differently” while safeguarding the environment for both current and future generations. It is an area that demonstrates a way of living and working that is not only possible but already happening.

Our Certification mark allows us to actively demonstrate our commitment to the Biosphere principles. Tit lets our customers know that we have an active role in protecting our environment and supporting other local businesses.

We buy our materials from local wood suppliers and use a local blacksmith to make our bespoke parts. In our holiday huts we provide guests with lovely handmade organic and palm-free soaps from Pure Alba soaps in Thornhill You can also visit Tracey’s workshop on the grounds of Drumlanrig Castle.

We only use cruelty free, environmentally friendly cleaning products

Visit the GSA website for further information on the area and other businesses that support the Biosphere. www.gsabiosphere.org.uk

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